‘A voice is a person.’

Kathleen Ferrier

Sing with freedom

Olivia Boot Simpson offers:
  • Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaching with Alexander Technique – all levels, all styles
  • Voice Production for Presentations, Public Speaking or for anyone who uses their voice daily!
  • Musical Interpretation
  • Performance anxiety management
  • Embodied voicework
  • Performing & song writing

Vocal confidence

Free your unique voice to:
  • Speak your truth
  • Stand your ground
  • Be heard
  • Find and own your authority and agency
Singing lessons
All levels from beginner to advanced. All styles including classical, jazz, music theatre, pop, and singers from other world music traditions using Alexander Technique as the basis to notice the tensions that compromise your sound. Experienced teacher of ABRSM examinations. Trinity or LCM also available.
Vocal Coaching
Help for professionals experiencing vocal strain, an area of weakness in your range, performance anxiety or the desire to open your voice to the next level or help with a more demanding repertoire. Learning to apply the Alexander Technique to your singing will help you to identify those unconscious tension habits which feel right but are interfering with ease of performance and successful vocal production.

Embodied voicework

Online group classes and individual lessons.

Experience vocal freedom using the Alexander Technique, embodied mindfulness and sing a variety of both new and familiar songs and chants.

Speak with confidence and sing with freedom.

Performance Anxiety Management

Performance anxiety is a common problem and can constrict the freedom and resonance of your voice and dampen the sensitivity of your performance.

In Performance Anxiety, the startle can be triggered to a greater or lesser state causing the neck to stiffen and the head to be pulled back and down onto the spine.

Fight/flight or even freeze states can be triggered, getting in the way of the performer’s attempt to perform to their highest potential.

Alexander Technique is a known means of bringing these psycho-physical patterns to awareness as they arise and a powerful way of intercepting and re-directing them.

Public Speaking

Find the confidence to build a successful career/business.

Presenting to others is an important aspect of both employed and self-employed work, and getting our message across can strike terror in the heart for some.  Through gentle self-observation and release of habitual tensions and residue of negative past experiences, you can learn to overcome the fears that are preventing you from speaking your truth and communicating your work to others.

Speak Your Truth

Alexander Technique Voice Work will help you uncover the courage to stay embodied and present with the difficult feelings that may arise when communicating your truth.

Find authority and agency when standing your ground in challenging situations at home or at work and to become more at ease with the congruence of simply being you.

Performer and Songwriter

Soprano with a diverse repertoire from Gregorian and Byzantine to jazz and contemporary music.

Recitals and oratorio work, services and ceremonies.

Own songs for ceremonies and prayer.


Free consultation

Taster session via Zoom or phone

If you’re wondering how Alexander Technique or Singing Lessons might work Online and how this might help you, I offer a FREE 15 MIN CONSULTATION by phone or Zoom. If you’ve not used Zoom before, it’s very easy. You can download it at Zoom.us , or once you’ve booked your lesson, simply click on the link in the email I send you and follow simple instructions.

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