Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?

It is a technique for life: a practical means for alleviating the stresses and strains of everyday life, and for optimising performance in skilled activity.

There are many far-reaching benefits of the Alexander Technique.

Take lessons to:

Improve general health and wellbeing (mental and/or physical)

Alleviate back pain, neck pain and other neuro-muscular and musculo-skeletal dysfunctions

Experience greater ease in pregnancy

Assist in recovery from injury, operation or illness

Work to your potential in any pursuit requiring skill and co-ordination – for example public speaking, presentations skills, music, drama, dancing, sports- and manage performance anxiety.

Change your relationship to chronic illnesses which affect the nervous system such as Parkinsons or ME

Work with hypermobility and joint issues

Self awareness

The Alexander Technique deepens mindful, embodied, self-awareness. Release from our habitual tensions re-awakens the senses, bringing us more fully into the present moment.

As we learn to re-inhabit our bodies, we notice our habitual reactivity and can prevent the tightening patterns which interfere with our natural balance and functioning.

By these means we can access greater confidence, strength and vitality in all areas of life, and release latent creativity.

For musicians, actors, public-speakers, dancers, singers and sportspersons, whether professional or amateur, the Alexander Technique offers a foundation for honing neuro-muscular skill, enabling a greater realisation of the performer’s own innate potential.


The website for The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique which is the oldest and largest professional body of teachers in the UK.  I am a full teaching member of this Society.

A list of the research into Back Pain; Neck Pain; Pain (General); Osteoarthritis; Parkinsons; Postural Tone and Posture; Ergonomic Skills; Balance;  Movement Co-ordination; Musical Performance; Wellbeing and Self-help; Older People

A useful overview of the Technique by the NHS

The British Medical Journal Back Pain Study into the Alexander Technique

A few word of history

Discover about how the Alexander Technique was developed many years ago in Australia…

Frederick Matthias Alexander
Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was born and grew up in Tasmania. When his career reciting in public was cut short by vocal loss and chronic hoarseness, he sought advice from doctors and specialists all over Australia. These brought only short term relief. No one could help resolve his problem so he decided to set up mirrors to observe himself in activity. He spent 10 years in self-observation...
The Results of observation
The mirrors showed that even before Frederick Matthias Alexander had made a sound he had evoked a whole body stress response starting in the head and neck which we now recognise as the neuro-muscular pattern involved in the primal fight/flight and freeze reactions.
Managing the stress response
Alexander recognised that if he could learn intercept, release and re-direct this deeply ingrained human response, he would be able to speak freely again. He eventually found a way to achieve this and in doing so discovered more than just a vocal healing re-education technique, he could help others to heal to manage their stress response and as thus heal from manage all manner of modern psycho-physical problems.